Four Reasons Little Girls Love Tea Parties

Planning tea parties gives me a front row seat to witness the beauty and magic of little girls enjoying tea parties. Most girls love the idea of playing pretend, dressing up, being princesses and enjoying sweet treats.   Here are five reasons your little girl will love a personalized tea party:


1. The beautiful decorations! Little girls love decorations that transform their normal everyday setting into an atmosphere that is magical and dreamy.

2.  Break out the fine china!  Using beautiful real teacups and saucers always add a special touch to girls tea parties.  Little girls feel extra special when they can drink their “tea” using fancy teacups.

3.  Self Appreciation!  Little girls feel so special when they dress up! They are able to practice proper behaviors, appreciating the company of others and engaging in positive conversations.

4.  She’s a princess! Although most will say the birthday girl is princess for a day, Graceful Celebrations lets girls know that they are princesses every day.